# Product Versioning

# Overview

Products can be versioned over time by effective date which allows the user the ability to make changes to a Product without affecting In-force policies. Product Versions can be published into production based on a specific effective date.

# Creating a Product Version

Upon initially creating a Product within BriteLines the system automatically creates the first product version for the user. This initial version will be in a Draft state and will be labeled “Initial Version”. Note that the label can be modified. See Actions. The product version can be viewed in the upper right hand corner of every page within the product.

# Version State

Product versions move through a basic workflow of product states. The product states are:

  • Draft - can be edited.
  • Locked - No changes can be made. Data available in view only mode.
  • Published - Locked, Effective Date is set and policies can be written against this version.
  • Archived - Version is not available in the version dropdown, but stored in the archive with the ability to reinstate.

# Actions

The following actions can be performed within the Product Version dropdown displayed on each page.

# Edit

Product versions that are in a Draft state will have the option to edit. The Name, Effective Date and Description can be modified.

# Lock

Product versions that are in a Draft state will have the option to Lock. Once in a locked state the product definition may be viewed in read only mode, and no changes will be allowed.

# Unlock

Product versions that are in a Locked state will have the option to Unlock. Once Unlocked the version will revert back to a Draft.

# Publish

Publishing a Product Version means that this product version is locked, the effective date is set and policies can be written against the version.

# Archive

A product version can be archived at any time as long as there is at least one other active version. Once a version is archived it will no longer be shown in the product version dropdown. The list of product versions that are archived can be viewed by clicking on the Archive button within the product version dropdown. This will open up an Archived Version dialog box listing all archived product versions.

# Reinstate

Archived versions can be Reinstated. Once Reinstated the version will again display in the product version dropdown where applicable actions can be performed. In order to view or edit the content of an archived version it must first be reinstated. Reinstated product versions return to the state that they were in prior to being archived. For example if the product version was a draft when archived then it will be reinstated as a draft as long as no other draft versions exist as only one draft version is allowed. If the product version was published when archived then it will be in a Published state when reinstated.

# Create

Within the Version dropdown selection list a “Create a New Version” button will appear if all prior versions have been Published or Archived. Users will not be permitted to create a new version if any other draft versions exist. Once “Create a New Version” button is clicked, a dialog box is presented. In the dialog box the name of the previous version is displayed for informational purposes.

The following fields are required to create a new version:

  • Name - must be unique
  • Effective Date - must be in the future.
  • Description - brief description of the product version.

Once all required fields are filled out the new version can be saved.

# Revert to Draft

Published versions with an effective date in the future will have the option to be reverted to a draft state. If a draft version already exists then the option to Revert to Draft will not be allowed as there can only be one draft version at a time.